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Library test part 2

    (print "begin of charly")
    ((charly 'show-books))
    (print "end of charly")
    (print "begin of martha")
    ((martha 'show-books))
    (print "end of martha")
    (print " ")
    (print "begin of church")
    ((church 'show-books))
    (print "end of church")
    (print " ")
    (print "begin of netlibrary")
    ((mylib 'show-books))
    (print "end of net-library")
    (print " ")
    (print "begin of readers")
    ((mylib 'show-readers))
    (print "end of readers")
    (print " ")
    ((mylib 'who-are-you))
    ((chazarain 'who-are-you))
    (print " ")
    ((lcbook 'display))
    ((plbook 'display))
    ((chbook 'display))
    (print " ")

Georg P. Loczewski 2004-03-05

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