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Installation of the ARS Interpreter

  1. download `arsc.tar.gz' using the URL:
  2. unpack `arsc.tar.gz' by keying in: 'tar -xvzf appc.tar.gz'.
  3. change to the directory `arsc'. This directory contains the precompiled version of the interpreter having the name `appc.exe'.

    If the precompiled binary runs the installation is finished, otherwise the interpreter has to be recompiled.

  4. download `gc6.3.tar.gz' using the URL specified above.
  5. unpack `gc6.3.tar.gz' by keying in: 'tar -xvzf gc6.3.tar.gz'.
  6. change into the directory `gc6.3'.
  7. configure the garbage collector: './configure'.
  8. compile the package: 'make'.
  9. install the garbage collector by keying in: 'make install'.
  10. change into the directory which contains the pre-compiled version of the interpreter.
  11. compile the interpreter: 'make'.
  12. test the function of the installed interpreter:

    ARS-EVAL-> (load "test.ars")
    ARS-EVAL-> (quit)

  13. save the interpreter (`arscint.exe') into the target directory.

Georg P. Loczewski 2004-03-05

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