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My thanks go out to many people who through their excellent work made it possible and interesting for me to get involved with programming languages in general and Scheme, the Lambda Calculus and ARS specificallly. This includes Guy L. Steele and Gerald J. Sussman, Alonzo Church, Jacques Chazarain [Cha96], Peter Norvig [Nor92], Samuel N. Kamin [Kam90], Brent Benson (`libscheme'), Richard Stallman (`gcc'), Hans J. Boehm (`garbage collector') and many others.

At this point it is also appropriate to express thanks to all those people who make their software products available to all who have a need for it, software products like Linux, all GNU-licensed programs, Java, all Scheme implementations, the excellent typesetting software LATEXwith all the macro packages and again many others.

Without these people, i.e. without their books and their software, the idea to write a book on A++ and ARS++ would have never been born and the project would have never been realized.

My special thanks I want to express to my publisher Mr. Jens Toeche-Mittler, who supported the idea behind these books from the very beginning and to my family who put up with me thinking, programming and writing at times, when other tasks may have seemed and may have been more important.

Georg P. Loczewski Gross-Zimmern, March 2004

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Georg P. Loczewski 2004-03-05

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